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Three decades of expertise in partnering with clients for successful conferences, meetings, fundraisers and more!

Computer Rental Services

Since 1982, Upstream Tech Solutions has been providing reliable solutions for planners, managers and others seeking the right technical solution to ensure the success of their events.

Now, with more computer rentals, laptop rentals, conference software systems and other technological solutions than ever before, Upstream Tech Solutions is ready to deliver the same results for you too.

The Upstream Tech Solutions Service Pledge

All of our client contracts are backed by the Upstream Tech Solutions Service Pledge:

  • We will work with each client to assess the most cost-effective combination of components for each project.
  • We will thoroughly test each piece of equipment before we deliver it to a customer site.
  • We will completely reformat all disk drives to ensure that proprietary information remains confidential.
  • We are committed to punctuality for all rental arrangements, including evenings, weekends and holidays.
  • We will replace any non-performing equipment immediately.


Equipment rental that’s more than just equipment

For the last three decades, Upstream Tech Solutions has been delivering more than just iPads, iPods, on-site networks and other premier solutions for thousands of events. Instead, we’ve been delivering support that guarantees a glitch-free experience for both you and your attendees.

This means that instead of focusing on the hardware aspect of your computer rentals in Minneapolis and beyond, we focus on providing customer service that’s second to none.

Prioritizing your events as you would

To us, every client and event is a top priority. Whether you need a demanding event registration system, an iPad kiosk, or a full set of laptops, you’re treated with the same level of precision and responsiveness.

Contact us for superior technological solutions

When you care about more than the hardware itself for your event, Upstream Tech Solutions is the only name you need to know.

Contact us today at 612.598.2401 to schedule arrangements for your own event where we supply not just the technology, but the expertise to match.