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iPad Kiosks

iPad Kiosks Optimize User Experience, All While Improving Efficiency, Enhancing Communication and Driving Results For Your Event.

An iPad kiosk is the ultimate attraction at any event. Put one of them at your event and watch the engagement come pouring in.

Conferences, trainings, meetings and other events all have similar purposes: to inform, engage and gather information from attendees. Now imagine that you can do all of this in a more efficient and engaging way than ever before possible. With an iPad kiosk, you can.

At Upstream Tech Solutions, we view iPad kiosks as a cutting-edge way to attract attention to your company and distribute information or capture facts about attendees that you otherwise couldn’t. The result? Successful outcomes for your event without the overhead of sales executives or other staff members at the event itself.

Power your next event with technology that promises several distinct benefits

Sure, a sales executive can do everything that an iPad kiosk can. But, do they offer the same distinct benefits? Not really.

In fact, iPad kiosks are great for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Improved efficiency – One salesperson can only talk to so many people. But iPad kiosks can endlessly engage and sell to attendees that you might otherwise miss.
  • Improved customer experience – No matter how charming a salesperson is, people are often deterred by their approach. In contrast, an iPad kiosk is a non-intimidating way to pique interest and convert customers.
  • Gather customer feedback – Manually collecting feedback can be both time-consuming and ineffective. By automating the process, you can gather feedback from more attendees and make it simpler to sort through the data.
  • Enhance communication – Graphics and textual information are always better than just text. With an iPad kiosk and iPad rentals, you can engage users with stunning graphics.
  • Boost sales figures – iPads make it possible to make secure online payments on the spot. Impulsive buyers are now in your hands.

When you’re ready to enhance your event, we’ve got the iPad kiosks you need

An iPad kiosk does more than a person ever could, making it a great investment for any of your upcoming events.

At Upstream Tech Solutions, we view your events as our own and our solutions and support reflect this. To discuss your own custom needs, contact us today at 612.598.2401 to get started.