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Display Monitors

Showcase Branding, Messaging, Presentations and More With Premium Display Monitor Rentals.

Visual impact is possible with premium display monitors. Rent yours for your next event at Upstream Tech Solutions.

Words alone don’t have the same power as graphics. And when both combine, the effect is always worth noticing. This means that when it comes to your next event, you can simplify success with display monitor rentals.

At Upstream Tech Solutions, we recognize the influence that display monitors have for all kinds of individuals. As such, we offer premium monitors to all of our clients to ensure that their next event is one of your most successful events yet.

Utilize your display monitors properly for maximum impact

Of course, renting display monitors doesn’t guarantee the success of your event. But when you use them in one of several key ways, you can practically guarantee a positive outcome.

So, how can you use display monitors for your needs? In a variety of ways, including:

  • Messaging stations and sponsor messaging
  • Social media purposes
  • Digital signs
  • Video walls or video streams
  • Presentations
  • Confidence monitors to show speakers their slides

When you’re ready to discuss your display monitor rentals, we’re ready to listen

We don’t just provide you with the hardware you need for your event, we provide you with the support you need to use it properly.

Contact us today at 612.598.2401 to discuss your needs and determine the right display monitor rentals for your next event.