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iPod Touches

Tired of Traditional Audience Engagement and Interaction? iPod Touch Rentals Are The Perfect Solution.

Technology elevates events through simplified communication and interaction in real-time. Take your own event to the next level with iPod rentals.

Keeping your audience engaged is vital to the success of your event. And, regardless of whether you’re organizing a silent auction or are simply looking to take your audience response system (ARS) to the next level, iPod rentals are the quick, easy way to do so.

At CRS, our iPod touch rentals are perfect for fundraisers, galas and countless other events. And when you choose our company for your needs, you get both the hardware you expect and the support you don’t to ensure a successful outcome.

Eliminate wasted time and energy and make events more enjoyable for everyone

Whether you decide to use your iPod touch rentals in Minneapolis or other areas for silent auction bidding or to engage an audience during a presentation, you can count on one thing: technology that works and a support staff that works even harder.

This means that you don’t have to worry about glitches or errors that can ruin your event. All you have to worry about is how to handle all of your satisfied attendees.

Customize a solution by discussing your needs with our staff members today

At CRS, we’re just as dedicated to the success of your event as you are.

This means that when you contact us at 612.798.1958 to discuss your needs, you’ll receive a custom-tailored solution that handles all your needs.