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Whether for corporate training, national sales meetings, conferences or more, we are always ready to deliver.

Laptop rentals should be your last concern when it comes to your next important event. And when you partner with Upstream Tech Solutions, it can be.

Imagine that you’ve just scheduled corporate or software training, a sales meeting, a user conference or other important event for you company. You know that the laptop rentals you choose are going to make or break your event, so what company do you choose? If it’s not Upstream Tech Solutions, you’re making a mistake.

That’s because at Upstream Tech Solutions, we don’t just offer premier hardware, but exceptional support to match. This means that if anything goes wrong, we’re there to fix it right away. And you? You can go back to focusing on your event.

Take the guesswork out of laptop rentals in the Twin Cities and beyond

At Upstream Tech Solutions, we offer short-term laptop rentals in Minneapolis and throughout the rest of the United States and Canada. This means that no matter where you are, we can deliver the quality laptops and tech support that you need.

In fact, our rentals are perfect for a variety of professional needs, including:

  • Breakout sessions – Make it simple for small groups of attendees to further discuss topics by providing them with the laptops necessary to do so.
  • Corporate and software training – Need to provide guidance to a large group of employees for necessary training? Laptop rentals can facilitate learning in a group setting.
  • Registration self check-in – Full service registration can be both time-consuming and inefficient. By renting laptops, you can let attendees do it themselves while saving time that can be spent focusing on your event instead.
  • Internet cafes – Provide individuals with Internet connectivity and laptops to further enhance your event or workplace.
  • Sales meetings – Need to keep everyone on the same page during your sales meetings? Laptop rentals can do just that.
  • User conferences – Laptops are an essential source of connectivity for user conferences.

When you’re ready to discuss your laptop rental needs, we’re ready to listen!

At Upstream Tech Solutions, we view each client as a partner, not just another event.

Contact us today at 612.598.2401 to discuss your needs in greater detail and arrive at a custom rental plan for your event.