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Mobile Charging Stations

Keep attendees at your booth, create a buzz and reach more individuals than ever before possible.

Everyone has a smartphone or tablet. And when the battery is running low, send attendees on a mad dash for your booth, not the outlet.

At some point, everyone has experienced the frustration of a dead phone or tablet battery and nowhere to charge it. But now, you hold the power to be the solution that attendees have only dreamt of. At least, you do when you choose to rent a mobile charging station from CRS.

Mobile charging stations are the simple way to engage users by providing a service that they can use during the event itself. This keeps them at your booth longer, giving you the ability to engage and convert customers that might have otherwise walked on by.

Deliver value to attendees. Deliver value to your business.

A mobile charging station is a small investment when you consider the returns you can get within just a few days at a conference. As a matter of fact, renting a mobile charging station for your event in the Twin Cities or throughout the United States and Canada means access to countless benefits, including:

  • Keep attendees at your booth for longer – If attendees are charging their device, they’ll remain at your booth. During this time, you can introduce them to your services or products via the LCD display on the top of the kiosk.
  • Keep attendees on the trade show floor – Before, attendees would have to leave to charge their phones in their hotel rooms or at the nearest outlet. Now, they can remain on the floor for longer thanks to your mobile charging station.
  • Increase foot traffic to your booth – Mobile charging stations include interactive touch screens that advertise your brand for you. This increases foot traffic and the number of customers you’re able to engage.
  • Set yourself apart from the competition – This idea is still relatively new. This means that if you’re using it at a conference, you’re likely to be the only one. This helps you stand out from competitors while attracting an audience.

Help yourself stand out for all the right reasons.

With a charging station rental from CRS, you can set yourself apart in an innovative, useful way.

When you’re ready to discuss your own rental for your next event, contact us today at 612.798.1958. We look forward to hearing from you.