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Mobile Charging Stations

Power your crowd with a mobile charging station

mobile charging stations

Convention centers are the worst place for a dead phone or tablet battery—every outlet is likely claimed by a booth and their dozens of power cords. While this is a problem for attendees who overwork their phones, tablets and laptops, this can be an opportunity for you to play hero with a mobile charging station, all while building your own business.

Mobile charging stations are an easy way to draw a crowd and show off your products. By setting up a mobile charging station where attendees can charge their devices, you get people who are literally bound to your booth with little else to focus on.

This gives you the opportunity to show them your products and services while they wait for their phones and tablets to recharge.

The benefits of offering a recharge

A mobile charging station is a small investment when you consider the returns you can get within just a few days at a conference. Renting a mobile charging station for your event gives you benefits including:

  • Keeping attendees at your booth. If attendees are charging their device, they’re stuck at your side until they get a better battery level. During this time, you can introduce them to your company and any of your products.
  • Keeping attendees on the trade show floor. Normally, attendees would have to leave to charge their phones and tablets in their hotel rooms. Now, they can remain on the floor and – more importantly – at your booth.
  • Setting yourself apart. Mobile charging stations are still relatively new. If you’re offering extra outlets and charging cords at a conference, you’re likely to be the only one. This helps you stand out from competitors while attracting an audience.

Getting started

Mobile charging stations are a great way to introduce attendees to your brand while offering them a service. Contact us to rent a mobile charging station or to hear more about what can make your booth stand out at your next event.