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Challenge Bar

A fun, interactive game for tradeshow booths

Offer attendees an unique event experience. Offer them the opportunity to participate, engage and compete, all while learning about your product or industry. Instead of a boring lecture or sales pitch, the Challenge Bar is a memorable activity that will draw crowds.

At the Challenge Bar, attendees will play a game that is tied to your industry trends, product features and key learning objectives. During the games, you will capture visitor information and valuable data indicating what they know about your products and services. By engaging with your audience, your sales pitch just got much more interesting and memorable.

Challenge Bar

Multiply your leads

Attendees are drawn to the unique interaction of the Challenge Bar. With this tool you can interact with up to 9 attendees at a time, not to mention the crowd waiting to play. Our challenge bar helps some exhibitors capture 50-75 more leads per show than they would otherwise.

Connect attendees to your content

The Challenge Bar game platform reinforces key messages and big ideas from your educational sessions or product demonstrations. Your game will be custom designed with your product information, event themes, and company branding.

Make learning fun

People love to play games, see their name in lights and beat their friends. Stimulate friendly competition and peer rivalry by showing top scores and rankings on the large visual leaderboard. Consider offering prizes to increase the excitement.

Turnkey service and deployment – It’s easy!

After an initial consultation with you to design your game, we will configure the game including the graphics. For your convenience, CRS will set up and manage the Challenge Bar in your tradeshow booth. With our portal, it’s easy to add/edit questions, reset the leaderboard, manage your leads and keep track of who won.

The Challenge Bar offers you the opportunity for a memorable and successful tradeshow experience.

Challenge Bar setup

Contact us today at 612.798.1958 for more information and to begin customizing your Challenge Bar game for your next event.