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Engaging Attendees with Social Media Tech

Social Media Tech

Your event’s energy can be dependent on the social interaction that you bring to the table (or booth). Our social solutions are designed to simplify participation, make interaction fun and attract sponsorship that generates additional revenue and attention.

Share ideas, track leads and measure impact

Our more popular social tools include the Social Media Hub (an area dedicated to receiving and displaying social interactions on LCD screens) and Challenge Bar (a tablet-based, branded trivia game where a group of attendees play against each other). These make it simple to track leads, engage attendees and communicate key information about your big concepts and ideas.


Our Social Media Wall allows attendees to directly interact with your brand


Why choose Upstream Tech Solutions for your next big conference or convention?

  • Beautiful digital displays – Our visualizations make it all about your brand and creating excitement.
  • Simplified participation – Simplicity in your presentation is the best way to engage attendees. There’s no need for special applications or tech-reliant measures.
  • Interaction based on fun – Fun often isn’t a word you expect to hear at conferences or conventions, but with Upstream Tech Solutions’s solutions in your booth, lounge or general session, you can encourage interaction where every participant leaves your booth with a smile and knowledge of your products and services.
  • Measurable data – We collect lead and marketing follow-up data throughout your event, delivering long-term value to your company.
  • Sponsorable solutions – Our social media tools are sponsorable, meaning that you can expect to generate additional revenue while sponsors enjoy recognition.

Social Media Display monitor for a large event

Ready to discuss your event’s social media tools?

Our only goal at Upstream Tech Solutions is to ensure that your next event is more successful than you thought possible, and by contacting our team, you can do just that.